One of Jefferson County’s valuable assets is the natural beauty of its waterways. Within Jefferson County, we have eleven major watersheds that are fed from thirty-two sub-watersheds. Go almost anywhere in our County and you will see a stream or river meandering through the landscape. Residents and visitors enjoy the many miles of serenity these waterways provide.


Clean Waterways

Clean waterways provide a healthy water source for wildlife including fish and aquatic life and provide a good habitat for animals that depend on waterways for their survival. They provide recreational opportunities such as boating and swimming, drinking water, and enhance our property value. To sustain these valuable resources, it is important to be aware of how vulnerable these waterways are to pollution from human activity.

Stormwater Management

Jefferson County has established regulations and stormwater management provides guidance and resources to help prevent erosion and reduce the amount of sediment and other pollutants in stormwater runoff through the Jefferson County Land Disturbance Ordinance and the Jefferson County Erosion Sediment Control/Design Manual.

Stormwater Management also regulates other illicit discharges that enter our waterways through stormwater runoff a few of the common examples are listed below:

  • Chemicals
  • Dumping
  • Greases
  • Leaking septic systems
  • Oils
  • Pet waste

Report a Stormwater Runoff Problem

Report a stormwater runoff problem by emailing the Stormwater Management Division.

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