Code Enforcement

The code enforcement division office is open to visitors. However, we still strongly encourage you to electronically apply for permits and schedule inspections.

Code Enforcement History

The Division was formed in 1967 to provide and enforce the local building code. The Division regulates matters concerning the construction, alteration and occupancy of all structures in unincorporated Jefferson County. Our County building codes are designed to secure public safety, health and welfare as it is affected by building construction through structural strength, safe egress, sanitary equipment and in general to ensure safety to property from all hazards incidental to the design, erection, repair, removal, demolition or occupancy of aforementioned structures.


The Division currently employs highly trained building, plumbing, electrical, sewer and mechanical inspectors. Our County Plan Examiners are thorough and experienced in determining code compliance before you get started. Friendly office personnel are here to facilitate your permit related needs.