Welcome to the Jefferson County Auditor’s web page. The Auditor’s Office works internally with all county departments and offices to monitor finances, evaluate risk management, and implement government processes. This is accomplished by reviewing and certifying contracts, establishing internal controls, and issuing opinions to make sure your tax dollars are being spent accordingly as budgeted. 


The Auditor’s Office verifies that each department is in compliance with the approved annual budget. Jefferson County works on a budget of $92 million dollars annually.

The Auditor’s Office employs three full time staff members who review all financial transactions and maintain the general ledger. Revenue received by each department is monitored monthly to ensure compliance. Additionally, the county inventory is maintained annually through a physical count.


It is the mission of the Auditor’s Office to ensure that your hard-earned tax dollars are not wasted, but are used to make Jefferson County one of the best places to live and work in Missouri. We work diligently toward that goal.