The Main Criminal Division, with fifteen attorneys and eighteen support staff, is the largest of the three divisions in the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and is organized into several smaller units:


The intake unit serves as the first contact citizens have with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The staff greets citizens who come to this office with questions regarding the prosecution of crimes in Jefferson County. Because of the adversarial nature of criminal prosecution, we cannot speak directly with suspects who have been arrested or who have been charged with a crime, likewise, we cannot speak with members of their immediate family.

Other members of this unit answer telephone inquiries, direct calls to the proper party and enter police reports into our case management system.

The staff in this unit will try to assist those citizens who come to or contact this office with questions regarding specific cases as well as general concerns of the community. However, these personnel are not attorneys and they cannot give legal advice. If a citizen has specific concerns regarding their own rights or obligations, he or she should contact an attorney of their choosing.

Warrant Unit

The Warrant Unit attorneys are responsible for reviewing police reports, issuing search warrants and filing of criminal charges on all violations of state law committed in Jefferson County. These attorneys are assisted by paralegals and other support personnel.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit reviews traffic citations and police reports, files charges and manages court dockets on traffic and alcohol-related cases. This unit consists of two assistant prosecutors, a paralegal and two support staff members with substantial assistance from a criminal investigator.

Domestic Violence Unit

This unit reviews law enforcement requests for criminal charges on all domestic-related offenses including property crimes as well as those crimes against persons. An assistant prosecutor is specifically assigned the responsibility for implementing the domestic violence policies established by the Prosecuting Attorney. 

That prosecutor works closely with victims of domestic abuse to insure that victims understand their rights and their responsibilities in the criminal justice system. Our Victim Services Unit works in connection with the prosecutor and the victim to provide support services as may be needed. The domestic violence prosecutor is further assisted by additional support personnel as well as other assistant prosecutors on an as needed basis.

Sexual Abuse Unit

An assistant prosecuting attorney is specifically assigned responsibilities for reviewing police reports and Division of Family Services (DFS) investigative reports. That assistant prosecutor will interview victims, make criminal charging decisions, manage court dockets related to all sexual assaults and child physical and sexual abuse cases. 

This attorney is assisted by one paralegal and works closely with our Victim Services Unit. Due to the nature of these offenses, our office strives to lessen the trauma to the victim by assigning a female prosecutor to all sexual assault cases, however, a male prosecutor is available to handle cases where circumstances dictate.

Trial Staff

The trial staff manages court dockets in five Associate Circuit Court divisions and four Circuit Court divisions. This unit it comprised of thirteen attorneys. They are responsible for all trial preparation and court appearances. 

In addition to their normal court docket responsibilities, each of the assistant prosecuting attorneys have specialized training and duties relating to specific areas of the law. These areas include:

  • Alcohol-related offenses
  • Arson
  • Child physical and sexual abuse
  • Criminal non-support
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug offenses
  • Forgery and fraud
  • Homicides
  • Sexual assault
  • Traffic offenses
  • White-collar crime