Victim Services Unit

A Message from the Prosecuting Attorney

As Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney, I am very aware of your concerns as a victim of or a witness to a crime. My staff and I want to make your exposure to the criminal justice system as painless as possible while ensuring that justice is ultimately served. We need your cooperation, however, if we are going to move the criminal case in which you are a victim or witness as efficiently through the system as possible.

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney has taken the initiative in Jefferson County to provide needed service to victims and witnesses. To help you better understand your Criminal Justice System, we have prepared this information to answer the most frequently asked questions and concerns. I sincerely hope it will be of help to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney handling your case or the Victim/Witness Services Unit at 636-797-5045 or 636-797-5046.

Help Us Keep You Informed

First, if you change your telephone number or address, please advise us immediately of the change. This will assure that pertinent information regarding the case will reach you promptly.

Second, if at any time throughout the progress of the case you do not understand what is happening or why, or what happens next, ask us. Make a phone call. You are an important part of the system and you have the right to know how it works.

Third, when you come to testify, please bring your subpoena or letter directing you to appear on that date. A witness may be subpoenaed for preliminary hearings, Grand Jury appearances, motions, trials, and depositions.

Constitutional Amendment Guarantees

The Crime Victims’ Constitutional Amendment guarantees that you have a right to:

  • Information about the criminal justice process
  • Be informed of available financial assistance and social services
  • Be informed of court dates
  • Be informed in a timely manner when a court proceeding will be postponed
  • Be provided a secure waiting area for court
  • Provide a victim impact statement at sentencing
  • Receive restitution when possible
  • Have stolen property returned quickly
  • Be informed of the final disposition of the case
  • Be informed if the accused escapes or is released

Victims of certain dangerous felonies are automatically afforded these rights. To victims of other crimes, the rights shall be afforded upon written request. View our frequently asked questions for more information.