Public Administrator

Services of the Public Administrator

The Public Administrator’s Office is responsible for each person, or Ward; whose oversight is entrusted to this office by the Probate Court through an appointment process. Decisions regarding:

  • Educational/habilitation plans
  • Finances
  • General health and safety
  • Medical consents
  • Placement


There is no one description of a Ward. They include:

  • Elderly people with no family to help them with decisions
  • People of all ages who suffer debilitating mental illness
  • Minors with estates that must be managed by someone other than a parent
  • Incapacitated people whose potential Guardians/Conservators are involved in disputes

Guardianship and Conservatorship are two important responsibilities of the Public Administrator. Guardianship refers to monitoring the physical well being of a Ward and Conservatorship refers to the financial administration of the Ward’s assets. The Public Administrator must report annually to the Probate Court on the financial and physical well being of each Ward.

The Ward is charged administrative fees for the services of the Public Administrator, staff, and attorneys used by this office on their behalf. All fees charged to Wards are earned by the County of Jefferson and the office attorneys; neither the Public Administrator nor the staff earn fees as part of their salaries. These fees must be approved by the Probate Court Judge. Court costs, and/or filing fees, also are paid by the Ward, as a part of the appointment process.


The Probate Court also appoints the Public Administrator as Personal Representative for Deceased Estates when necessary, with all fees paid by the Ward’s estate in accordance with Missouri state statute.


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