Election Authority / Voter Registration

The County Clerk serves as the Jefferson County Election Authority/Director of Elections. The Election Authority conducts elections for candidate races and propositions/questions for the State of Missouri, County of Jefferson and all political subdivisions, municipalities and special districts within Jefferson County.

The conduct of elections requires many vital functions, among them are:

  • Accepting the filings of candidates for County offices and some political subdivisions
  • Compiling the certifications of candidates from political subdivisions
  • Publishing the legal notice of election and computing election costs
  • Finding, appointing and training of all election judges
  • Locating polling locations throughout the County
  • Establishing precinct boundaries
  • Appointing deputy registrars to accept voter registration forms
  • Processing all voter registration forms
  • Maintain a computerized voter registration data base including but not limited to cancellations, change of address, registrations, deceased, and those convicted of felonies
  • Maintaining all campaign and personal finance reports