Other Resources

Zoning & Review 

The Jefferson County Assessor Property Viewer GIS Map provides online mapping information for the County including zoning, aerial photography, and property lines.

The Division maintains and implements the County’s Unified Development Order. This service may include information on permitted uses for a specific piece of property, building setbacks, current zoning, and information on processes available to change zoning. Zone change requests or requests for variance hearings before the County Board of Zoning Adjustment do require payment to cover the costs of mailing notifications.

This service may include information on subdivision procedures, review of subdivision plats and review of site development plans. Charges are assessed for plat reviews and site development reviews.

Comprehensive Planning

The Division conducts the planning efforts for the County government primarily in the area of land use, but increasingly in the areas of infrastructure and public services. 

Research & Studies

The Division conducts numerous research efforts on countywide issues as well as on site-specific issues. This research may include environmental analyses, project feasibility studies, and reviews of project proposals.

Code Enforcement

The Division is responsible for ensuring adherence to the County’s Unified Development Order. This service may include investigating complaints and providing rulings or seeking enforcement action.

Technical Assistance

The Division is available to assist property owners, subdivision associations, municipalities, and public service providers in addressing technical issues. This may include grant management, studies and research, and plan preparation.