Merit System Commission

Jefferson County, Missouri Home Rule Charter

8.5.1. There must be a County Employees Merit System Commission composed of five Citizens who are County residents, not more than three of whom may be members of the same political party, initially appointed by the Board of Executives. For vacancies occurring after January 1, 2011, members must be appointed by the County Executive with the advice and consent of the County Council. Members of the County Employees Merit System Commission must be in sympathy with the Merit System principles contained in this Charter, must hold no other appointed County office, must not be a County employee, must serve staggered terms of four years as provided by ordinance of the County Council.

8.5.3. The County Employees Merit System Commission must make recommendations as directed in Section 1.1 of this Article, must hold review hearings and hear appeals concerning any County employee covered by the Merit System, except employees of the Sheriff’s Department, and must review and evaluate the Merit System operation and from time to time recommend to the County Council and the County Executive changes in policies and procedures for improved operation of the County Employee’s Merit System.

Merit System Principles

The Merit System must incorporate the following principles:

1. Applicants for County employment or promotion must meet minimum standards for their position and decisions for their selection must be made by the department head or elected official overseeing said position;

2. Retention of County employees must be based on ability and merit;

3. Involuntary discharge from employment, suspension without pay, or reduction in pay must occur only for just cause, and those so disciplined must be entitled to a review hearing before a Merit System Commission;

4. County employees must be provided equivalent pay and benefits for substantially equivalent work;

5. County employees must be provided a written procedure to report and resolve grievances;

6. County employees may voluntarily participate in political activities outside working hours, but participation or nonparticipation in any political activity must not be a term or condition of employment.

7. Employees of the Sheriff’s Department are to be subject to such additional policies and procedures governing their employment, conduct, discipline and termination of employment that meet the standards for accreditation of the Department of the Sheriff by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. or any successor or comparable organization or body that is recognized generally in the United States as an organization providing accreditation of a similar or better quality.


  • 3 pm
  • Last Tuesday of every other month
  • Administration Center
    729 Maple Street
    Executive Conference Room
    Hillsboro, MO 63050

All meetings are subject to change. Please call 636-797-6113 to confirm meeting time and location.


Members serve 4-year terms.

  • VACANCY (Democrat)
  • Jim Berberich
    Term expires: December 28, 2024
  • Joe Maddock
    Term expires: December 27, 2025
  • Curt Stueve
    Term expires: September 26, 2026
  • Chris Eldridge
    Term expires: November 22, 2025