Qualifications for Jefferson County offices may be found in the Article VII, § 8, Missouri Constitution (PDF), Missouri State Statutes and in the Jefferson County, Missouri Home Rule Charter (PDF) adopted in 2008.

Candidate’s Tax Affidavit & Tax Delinquency

If you desire to file as a candidate for election to a public office in Missouri, you must file a Candidate’s Affidavit of Tax Payments (Form 5120) with the Missouri Department of Revenue. In the Affidavit, you will state that you are not delinquent in the payment of any state income taxes, personal property taxes, real property taxes on your place of residence as stated on the declaration of candidacy, and that you are not a past or present corporate officer of any motor vehicle and driver license office that owes any taxes to the state.

You must complete all information requested on the Affidavit, sign the Affidavit before a notary, and have the Affidavit notarized. The original Affidavit must be filed with the Missouri Department of Revenue. A copy of the Affidavit must be attached to your declaration of candidacy filed with the Secretary of State or the Jefferson County Clerk, if applicable. You should obscure or remove your Social Security number from the copy of the Affidavit attached to your declaration of candidacy.


County Council District Maps

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