Job Descriptions

Election Judges duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Arriving at 5 am on election day
  • Setting up the polling place
  • Arranging tables and chairs for judges and voters
  • Setting up privacy voting booths
  • Setting up the voting equipment
  • Ensuring voters are at the proper polling location
  • Checking voters for proper identification
  • Looking up voters’ names in the precinct roster
  • Calling the County Clerk’s office to determine the eligibility of a voter
  • Having voters sign the precinct roster
  • Issuing the proper ballot to voters
  • Instructing voters how to vote their ballot
  • Instructing voters on where to put their voted ballot
  • Periodically checking to ensure the number of signatures in the
  • roster matches the number of ballots in the ballot box
  • Giving proper election information to voters
  • Closing the polling location promptly at 7 pm
  • Gathering supplies/ballots and returning them to County Clerk’s office

Being an election judge is a great responsibility, but you will complete the day knowing that you have helped in one of the most fundamental duties in a democracy - voting.