Veterans Wall of Honor

The Veterans Wall of Honor is a computer-driven video display located in the lobby of the Administration Center. The wall was created with private funds to honor all residents of Jefferson County who served the United States in the military. The Veterans Wall displays the name, rank, and place of residence of each living or deceased veteran that completed honorable military service.


The Veterans Wall of Honor is designed to be a living memorial to which names may be added. A kiosk, located next to the Veterans Wall, allows visitors to search for the names of veterans listed in the database. 


In order to add a veteran’s name to the Wall of Honor, download the Veterans Wall of Honor Application (PDF) Please call Robert Lee at 636-586-2575 for additional information regarding the Veterans Wall of Honor.

Return Application to:

Jefferson County, Missouri

Veterans Wall of Honor

PO Box 242, Hillsboro, MO 63050

Bronze Emblem

In addition to the Wall of Honor, a bronze emblem honoring each branch of the Armed Forces of the United States is displayed on the south wall of the hallway as you enter the Administration Center.

Jefferson County government is proud of our County’s many veterans and believes that their sacrifice should be remembered and honored.

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