County Executive

The County Executive is to be the chief executive officer of the County Government. In that capacity, the County Executive has the power and duty to do the following:

  • With the advice and consent of the County Council, and subject to compliance with the Merit System to the extent it is applicable to the office involved, appoint the Director of Administration and other County Officers who are to be appointed and not elected as provided in this Charter; and except as otherwise explicitly provided in this Charter, appoint all the members of boards and commissions established by this Charter or by Ordinance, subject to obtaining the advice and consent of the County Council when required by this Charter.
  • Designate an acting officer to serve until a vacancy in any appointive or elective office except Council Member is filled in the manner provided in this Charter.
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of the departments, boards, and agencies of the County which are subject to the control of the County Executive;
  • Execute and enforce the provisions of this Charter, Missouri Law pertaining to the County Government, and the Ordinances, resolutions, orders and policies of the County Council;
  • Preside over meetings of the County Council, participate in its discussions and vote to break a tie on the adoption of resolutions as provided in this Charter;
  • Promote and encourage cooperative relationships between the County and the political subdivisions within the County in matters relating to public health, safety, and public welfare or any other governmental functions in which the Citizens of the County could gain through better cooperative arrangements;
  • Be the primary representative of the County in transactions and communications with others.
  • Submit to the County Council for approval by Ordinance an annual balanced budget at the time and in the manner provided in this Charter and by Ordinance;
  • The County Executive is also the chief economic development officer of the County Government. As such, the County Executive is to coordinate all economic development activities of County Government in a manner consistent with any economic development objectives that are established by the County Council to promote the general welfare of residents of the County.