Notary Public StampHow to Become a Notary Public

To become a Notary Public, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the Notary Public application form which can be obtained online.
  2. Fill out the form for a written Notary Public training course. You may obtain these forms online.
  3. Upon receiving the letter from the Secretary of State confirming the commission, the applicant must apply for a $10,000 Notary Surety Bond.

Notary Surety Bond

There are different ways to get this bond:

  • The applicant’s company will apply for one. The applicant must provide the employer with a copy of the letter confirming the commission.
  • The applicant may contact one of the many bonding companies that have sent information to the applicant upon filing to become a Notary Public. If the application is submitted in this manner, fax the bonding company a copy of the letter from the Secretary of State’s office. The bonding company must have the information to issue the bond. The Secretary of State’s office does not send this information to the bonding company.

After receipt of the bond, call the County Clerk’s office at 636-797-5486 to confirm the commission has been received by this office.


There is a $3 registration fee. (Cash or Check. If cash, please bring exact amount.)