Jefferson County Library Board

The Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees was established and is maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Missouri State Statutes and library board by-laws. The Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees is the governing body. Board members are community representatives and live within either the Fox-Windsor or Northwest sub-districts. 


Meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM (unless rescheduled due to holidays or other events). The location varies among the three library branches - Northwest, Arnold & Windsor. Please call 636-677-8689 to confirm meeting time and location.


Board members are appointed by the Jefferson County Executive with the approval of the Jefferson County Council. (Mo. Statute 182.050) and serve 4 year terms.

  • Sharon Reineri - Term Expires 05/10/2025
  • Melissa Ray - Term Expires 05/10/2025
  • Kathy Grawitch - Term Expires 07/01/2024
  • Susan Tuggle - Term Expires 09/27/2025
  • Krystal Hargis - Term Expires 01/09/2027