Tax Waiver

What is a Tax Waiver (Statement of Non-Assessment) and do I need one?

A tax waiver, also known as, Statement of Non-Assessment,  indicates a specific person, business, or corporation does not owe any personal property taxes for a specified tax year.  A tax waiver is only used to license a vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, or other assets.  You may be entitled to a tax waiver if one of the following applies:

  • A new Missouri resident
  • First licensed asset you have ever owned
  • You did not own any personal property on January 1st of the prior year
  • You are in the military and your home of record is not Missouri (LES papers are required)

How to Apply for a Tax Waiver (Statement of Non-Assessment)

Application for a tax waiver can be made in person, by mail, fax, or email.  If applying by fax or email, please allow 24 hour process time.  Along with the completed Tax Waiver Application and a Photo ID (if you have an out-of-state photo ID, please provide proof of address, e.g., piece of mail, lease agreement, electric bill), one of the following items is required:

  1. Front and back of the asset title (person to person sale requires the purchaser's name, address, and date of sale on the back of the title)
  2. Missouri Title Application
  3. Title receipt
  4. Registration
  • If you have a Leased Vehicle please also provide in addition to the above requirements the physical address of the lessee.
  • If you have a Business Vehicle please also provide in addition to the above requirements the Missouri Secretary of State Filing or any paperwork showing when the business started

To apply online, please click on the link below.  Email address and fax number will be located on the top of the application form.

Tax Waiver Application (PDF)