Animal Resource Center Opened in January 2022

Jefferson County opened its Animal Resource Center in January of 2022. This new, spacious facility replaces the former shelter on Shelter Road in Barnhart, Missouri. The Shelter Road location had been used past its time, with the facility needing many repairs and having numerous outdated features. The new facility allows the Animal Control department to house three times as many cats, and twice as many dogs as the former facility, allowing for a greater impact. The Animal Resource Center, also referred to as the "ARC," has many additional features such as a play room for cats and dogs, a room dedicated to small animals such as pocket pets, fish, and birds, as well as a surgical suite. The facility now boasts larger kennels for dogs and cats alike due to funding provided by "ADOPT," a local animal advocacy group. After completing the mandated stray hold period, animals can be adopted into loving homes. Until their loving new home is found, they enjoy time in the play rooms and the play yard being spoiled by shelter staff.

Animal Resource Center

The Animal Resource Center is currently in need of some donated items