Parks and Recreation

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“It is the mission of the Jefferson County Department of Parks and Recreation to enrich the quality of life for County citizens by providing open natural space, the best possible recreational facilities and quality programs.”


The Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department was established by a resolution signed on October 10, 1965 to address the recreational and leisure needs of the County's residents.

Currently, Jefferson County has 15 (fifteen) areas designated as park lands totaling almost 339 acres. Of these areas, 12 (twelve) are open to the public totaling approximately 283 acres.  Three areas, totaling 56 acres, are “Land Banked” until funds are available for development.  

Additionally, Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of recreational program opportunities in multiple locations for residents of all ages. 

Programs include, but are not limited to:   

  • Youth Basketball Camps (Fall) 
  • Youth Volleyball Camps (Fall)
  • Youth Instructional Soccer Program (Spring & Fall)
  • Jr. Golf Program (Summer)
  • Youth T-ball and Coach Pitch Leagues
  • Youth Coach Certification (NAYS) (Year round)
  • Adult Volleyball Leagues
  • Adult Softball Leagues (Spring, Summer and Fall)
  • Softball Tournaments (Spring, Summer & Fall) 
  • Baseball Tournaments (Spring, Summer & Fall) 
  • Martial Arts - Jujitsu (Year-round) 
  • Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do), (Year-round)
  • Zumba Classes (Year-round) 
  • Jefferson County Big River Run (annual event)   
  • Senior Fitness classes (Renew Active and Silver Sneakers)
  • Adult Fitness Classes (Year Round)
  • and an assortment of special events

The existing park system and recreational programs are supported with user fees and a tax rate of 2.79 cents per $100 assessed valuation.  With minimal funding, the parks department strives to keep the parks in good condition within their budget. 
View our 
2023 Projects List (PDF) for current park improvements.