Can I Search Jefferson County Records Online?

There is a “pay per search” system. The cost is $6.95 per search plus $1 per page for copies. This site is only recommended if you do minimal searches.

The other online search options are subscription based. Laredo is a software program you can install on your computer.  A signed User Agreement provided by the Recorder is required prior to access.  There are multiple plans available.  All copies are included. This database covers April, 1985 and continues through the present. To search records March, 1985 back to 1817, there is a hosted site, COTT Systems,  It is also subscription based.

If you would like to subscribe to Laredo (PDF), simply fill out the attached and return it by fax or email to Debbie Dunnegan-Waters. To subscribe to Cott, follow the instruction on the homepage of that site.       

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