How do I vote? It's my first time.

In order to vote, an individual must make sure that they are in fact a registered voter. The voter must then go to the assigned polling location. The County Clerk’s office will send out a courtesy reminder card with the polling location and the date of the election immediately preceding any election.

Upon arrival at the proper polling location, an election judge will ask the voter to present a form of identification as required per Missouri law. Chapter 115.427 requires only one of the following:

  • ID issued by the federal government, or the state of Missouri
  • Driver’s license or state identification card

Once a voter has shown the proper form of identification, the voter will be asked to verify that the address we have on file is correct/current in the precinct roster. The voter will indicate that the information is correct by signing his/her name.

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1. How do I vote? It's my first time.
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