How do I buy tax sale properties?

The sale is a public auction. You must have completed a bidder’s affidavit and have a bid # to participate in the sale. The properties will be offered in the order in which they appear in the newspaper. They will start with 1st sales, 2nd sales, and finally 3rd sales. The minimum acceptable bid will be the amount of taxes and sale expenses due for the property. There is no upper limit on the amount which can be bid, and the sale will be to the highest bidder. Bidders must be present to participate.

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1. Does Jefferson County sell properties which have delinquent taxes due?
2. How do I register to bid on tax sale properties?
3. How many properties are offered at the Jefferson County sale?
4. How do I get a list of properties that will be offered?
5. How do I buy tax sale properties?
6. When and where is your tax sale held?
7. When and where am I required to pay if I am the successful bidder?
8. What forms of payment are accepted of the successful bidder?
9. Do I become the owner of the property immediately, or is there a waiting period?
10. What is a Certificate of Purchase?
11. When can the tax sale purchaser take possession of the property?
12. What rate of interest do I earn on my investment if the property is redeemed?
13. How do I get a Collector’s deed for the property?