Is there a late filing penalty if I don't return my assessment list?

Yes. …If any person shall fail to deliver the required [assessment] list to the assessor by the first day of March, the owner of the property which ought to have been listed shall be assessed a penalty added to the tax bill, based on the assessed value of the property that was not reported, as follows (in the following table). - Revised Statutes of Missouri 137.280

Assessed ValuationPenalty

$0 to 1,000


$1,001 to 2,000


$2,001 to 3,000


$3,001 to 4,000


$4,001 to 5,000


$5,001 to 6,000


$6,001 to 7,000


$7,001 to 8,000


$8,001 to 9,000


$9,001 or More


Exceptions to the Late Filing Penalty

The Assessor has the authority to waive the penalty in specific situations including:

  • Taxpayer is in military service and out of state
  • Taxpayer filed on time but in wrong county
  • Loss of records due to fire, theft, fraud, or flood
  • Taxpayer can show the assessment list was mailed by due date with evidence of postmark
  • Assessor determines no assessment list form was mailed to the taxpayer for specific year
  • Neglect occurred as a direct result of the actions or inactions of the county, its employees, or contractors

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