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1. When does absentee voting begin?
2. I am going to be out of town, but I still want to vote, what are my options?
3. How do I vote absentee vote? Does Missouri have "Early Voting"?
4. Where do I absentee vote? What is the deadline to absentee vote?
5. If I vote absentee, will it count? I heard it doesn't count!
6. I am disabled. How do I get a ballot sent to me every election?
7. I have received my absentee ballot, what do I do now? When do I send it back?
8. I have requested but never received my absentee ballot, why?
9. My child is away at college, may I request a ballot for him/her?
10. Do I have to get my absentee ballot notarized? Must a notary watch me vote my ballot?
11. What should I do about my voter registration if I marry, move or change my name?
12. I moved to Jefferson County from St. Louis County/City and I was registered to vote there, am I still registered to vote?